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Thermal Spray Metallizing service 

We are the major service provider of thermal spray metallizing service in vapi,gujarat.

Thermal spray coating of Zinc (Spray Galvanizing) Protects the Iron & Steel against Atmospheric corrosion and Thermal spray coating of Aluminium (Aluminizing) Protects the Iron & Steel against Atmospheric corrosion and oxidation at elevated temperature.

All metals have properties that cause them to react as an anode or a cathode when coupled to another material in a corrosive environment. The application of zinc or aluminium (anodic coating) to iron and steel substrates forms a protective layer and results in a corrosion protection referred to as cathodic protection or sacrificial protection. The substrate iron and steel becomes the cathode and the zinc coating becomes the sacrificial anode.

Metallizing is a substitute for painting structural steel that protects steel for decades longer than paint alone. This is a proven process, which has been used around the world for 90 years. Steel of every shape and size may be metallized either in-shop before construction or on-site instead of less effective repainting. Metallizing is the most versatile and effective coating for protecting steel structures.
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Thermal Spray Metallizing service provider in Vapi

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